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New Transform Consulting research shows cycling worth over £500 million to Scottish economy

Published 05 February 2018 by Transform Scotland

New research published today by Cycling Scotland has shown that cycling is worth more than half a billion pounds a year to the Scottish economy.

The research – undertaken by our research consultancy Transform Consulting – looked into the value of manufacturing, retail & tourism activity related to cycling. The report finds that cycling makes a total economic contribution to Scotland of £596-774m every year. The related figure for the Gross Value Added (GVA) of cycling to the Scottish economy was in the range of £321m-367m per year.

These are conservative estimates of the value of cycling because they exclude not only massive indirect benefits related to health, environment and congestion but also the sale of cycle food and clothing, and the building & maintenance of cycle infrastructure. The total economic value of cycling to Scotland’s economy is therefore likely to be much higher.

To read the report, please see here.