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Climate Plan: Ministers must prioritise walking, cycling and public transport

Published 28 February 2018 by Transform Scotland

Ahead of Thursday afternoon’s Ministerial Statement on the Climate Change Plan, Transform Scotland has set out its views on what will make a successful plan for tackling carbon emissions from Scotland’s transport sector. Transform Scotland holds that the final Climate Change Plan must give greater priority to walking, cycling and public transport to deliver wider benefits whilst reducing carbon emissions.

Transform Scotland spokesperson Jamie Wylie said:

“The draft Climate Change Plan almost completely ignored walking, cycling and public transport, despite these being the most sustainable forms of transport. Instead the Plan betrayed the Scottish Ministers’ obsession with private car use, with the ‘Proposals’ put forward being almost entirely focussed on electric vehicles. While a transition to EVs is undoubtedly required, the failure to prioritise action on walking, cycling and public transport meant that the greater public health, equalities, and congestion benefits of these measures was ignored.

“The draft Plan also made serious misjudgements in traffic forecasting models, with its preparation demonstrating a failure to consult external stakeholders regarding these forecasts. Whilst the draft Plan sets out reasonable carbon reduction targets for transport, it represented a missed opportunity to focus on healthy transport modes such as walking and cycling, or to tackle the decline in bus services seen in many parts of Scotland.”

Transform Scotland support the Parliament’s Rural Economy and Connectivity Committee in recommending that the Government amend the final CCP to include Policies which:

  • Focus on traffic demand reduction.
  • Achieve a modal shift away from private car use to walking, cycling and public transport.
  • Incentivise bus use and reverse the decline in bus patronage.
  • Achieve the Government’s target for 10% of journeys to be by bike by 2020.