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Transport statistics: More evidence that APD tax cut badly misdirected

Published 28 February 2018 by Transform Scotland

Responding to Transport Scotland’s publication today of ‘Scottish Transport Statistics 2017’, Transform Scotland director Colin Howden commented:

“The Government’s own statistics again demonstrate the folly of its intended £300m annual tax giveway to the aviation industry, which it intends by scrapping Air Passenger Duty. Its own publication shows that aviation is the form of transport that is growing most strongly, at 5.6% during the last year, and 22% over the past five years. Aviation is already massively under-taxed, paying no fuel taxes or VAT on tickets, and benefitting from duty-free sales. It certainly has no need for further tax cuts given its already strong growth in passenger numbers.

“This contrasts with the bus sector, which shrunk last year by 3.4% and has fallen by almost 10% over the past five years. The Scottish Ministers should be investing in sustainable transport in Scotland rather than caving in to the greedy demands for tax cuts from polluting foreign companies such as Ryanair.

“Better news is the 3% growth in bike use over the past year, and the continued growth in both rail and ferry use.

“However, there has also been a 2% growth in car use, which can be squarely blamed on the Scottish Ministers’ £9 billion road-building programme.

Extract from page 11 of Scottish Transport Statistics 2017: