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Welcome for Edinburgh’s plans for tram scheme extension

Published 07 March 2018 by Transform Scotland

Commenting on The City of Edinburgh Council’s consultation on its plans to extend the Edinburgh Tram scheme to Leith and Newhaven, Transform Scotland spokesperson Paul Tetlaw said:

“It is encouraging to read that the majority of Leith residents believe that the extension of the trams will make a positive contribution to the area and that Edinburgh Council are pressing ahead with plans for the extension.

“This should come as no surprise to anyone as the trams have consistently outperformed their passenger projections and have come out on top in terms of passenger satisfaction ratings across the UK public transport networks. To cap all this the trams continued to run during the recent spell of severe weather when virtually all others public transport ground to a halt.

“It is now clear that the dismal predictions of the doomongers have been shown to be totally unfounded and we can look forward to an ever expanding tram network. This will make Edinburgh the envy of many other UK cities as it models its transport systems along the lines of those seen in so many progressive European cities.”