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Glasgow LEZ hands a free pass to private cars

Published 19 March 2018 by Transform Scotland

Last week Glasgow City Council released their draft proposals for a Low Emission Zone in the city. The draft plans propose that only the most polluting buses will be targeted by 2022, whilst no plans have been made for tackling private vehicles.

Colin Howden, Director of Transform Scotland, commented:

It is unacceptable that Glasgow’s LEZ proposals have a disproportionate focus on buses in comparison to private vehicles. Whilst bus companies certainly need to take action on air quality, excessive private vehicle use is the much larger problem, not only for air pollution, but also for congestion.

The main focus should be on the pollution caused by private car use, rather than public transport. Forcing buses to comply whilst private vehicles are handed a free pass risks worsening the issues which the LEZ is supposed to be addressing. Glasgow City Council needs to set stronger targets for private vehicle compliance much sooner than the current proposals set out. Other measures, such as the use of cameras to ensure compliance, must be included in order to ensure that the LEZ actually delivers cleaner air.

“Buses, along with walking and cycling, should be seen as the solution to air pollution, not the problem.”