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Glasgow Airport airspace change: Noise pollution and emissions must be key priorities

Published 13 April 2018 by Transform Scotland

Transform Scotland has today responded to Glasgow Airport’s airspace change consultation, voicing concerns over the threat of increased noise pollution and carbon emissions.

The Airport’s public consultation presented an opportunity for the public to have their say on plans to change the flight paths to and from Glasgow Airport. The Airport justified the introduction of new flight paths as current ones are deemed outdated.

Transform Scotland raised several concerns with the proposals to change flight paths around the west of Scotland. Chief among the concerns were the potential for increased noise and air pollution affecting one of the most heavily populated parts of Scotland, and increased carbon emissions resulting from more flights to and from Glasgow Airport.

Jamie Wylie, spokesperson for Transform Scotland, said:

“Noise pollution is a very serious issue which needs to be fully considered, as it has the potential to affect large numbers of people. Whilst it is promising to see that Glasgow Airport intend to take steps to reduce noise pollution, it is disappointing to read that some people in around Glasgow Airport will be subject to noise pollution on a more regular basis. It is of vital importance that people are  made fully aware of any changes and are given the opportunity to have their say about these changes. It is important that the views of the public are fully considered and that this is not simply done as a ‘box ticking’ exercise.

“Aviation already accounts for a significant amount of carbon emissions from the transport sector in Scotland. Glasgow Airport’s plans would allow the Airport to handle more flights, meaning aviation’s impact on climate change will continue to rise. Any increase in air traffic would need to be met with significant reductions in the carbon emissions from aviation. However, little progress is being made to improve efficiency or reduce the aviation industry’s dependence on carbon-intensive fossil fuels.

The consultation response can be viewed here.