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Welcome for East Lothian transport strategy proposals

Published 10 May 2018 by Transform Scotland

Transform Scotland has submitted its views to East Lothian Council in response to its consultation on a new Local Transport Strategy.

Colin Howden, director of Transform Scotland said:

“There is good intention in the new draft Local Transport Strategy, with the problems and challenges comprehensively described. However, meeting the objectives depends on focussed projects with sufficient targeted funds and staff time as well as supportive allocation of resources by the Scottish Government.

“Many Scottish Local Authorities are negligent in their failure to maintain updated transport strategies, and, as such, East Lothian Council deserves praise in initiating its process to develop a revised Local Transport Strategy. We believe that the Scottish Government should adopt as policy that access to additional funding be conditional on effective transport strategies being in place.”

Our response focusses on the walking and cycle components of the draft Strategy. Amongst other things, we call for a focus on developing cycle-friendly networks within the towns of East Lothian.