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Bus priorities and quality assurance feature in Parliament report on Transport Bill — Transform briefing

Published 11 March 2019 by Transform Scotland

On Thursday last week, the Parliament’s transport committee published its Stage 1 report on the Transport Bill. We were pleased to see many of our concerns raised by the Committee in the report. Below is a policy briefing by Transform Scotland’s Policy Advisor Chris Day on the Stage 1 report. Chris outlines the key points in the report and comments on Transform Scotland’s position on these.

The Policy Briefing can be found here.

Notably the Committee are not convinced that the draft of the Bill is sufficient to address the decline in bus patronage. As we highlighted in our evidence below, there is a need for improving and extending bus priorities to properly address this issue.

This was also addressed by Chris when he gave oral evidence to the Committee in October 2018. He said:

” It is probably fair to say that, in recent years, very few councils have spent as much time and resource on infrastructure as we would like them to spend…there is a clear correlation in Edinburgh between the expansion of bus lanes and bus priorities and the growth of patronage on Lothian Buses. Lothian Buses was losing passengers until the late 1990s, when we began to see bus lanes being extended in Edinburgh. That is when Lothian Buses began to see massive growth.”