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Great news for Scottish public transport as Edinburgh votes to extend tram to Newhaven

Published 14 March 2019 by

Commenting on the decision by The City of Edinburgh Council’s decision to extend the tram to Leith & Newhaven, Transform Scotland’s Paul Tetlaw said:

“Cities around the world – many much smaller than Edinburgh – are developing and expanding light rail systems. They can efficiently transport large numbers of passengers on key transport corridors and help to maintain and enhance town and city centres. Electric power means there are no emissions at the point of use and so air quality targets are more readily achieved.

“In the UK Nottingham, Birmingham, Manchester and Blackpool are all extending their systems and across the water Dublin is doing likewise. Edinburgh’s initial tram route has been a great success, it has consistently outperformed passenger projections and there is ample evidence that it has encouraged  motorists to leave their cars behind and take the tram into the city. We fully the support the scheme to extend the route to Newhaven. This will serve a key transport corridor and boost development in the city creating more sustainable travel patterns.”

Transform Scotland have been a long-standing advocate for the reinstatement of light rail transit systems to provide the backbone of urban public transport systems. Amongst other things, we held a conference in 2001 which led to Scottish Ministerial support for the reintroduction of trams.