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National leadership needed on Safer Streets Bill

Published 26 March 2019 by Transform Scotland

Transform Scotland have today, alongside 24 other active travel, health, child advocacy, poverty and environment organisations, written to the First Minister to call for leadership and her support of the Safer Streets Bill.

Lower speed limits, and particularly 20mph in urban areas, save lives. They are proven to reduce the number, and severity, of injuries on the road. 
National leadership on this issue would ensure an approach that is more equitable, more cost effective, and offers the greatest scope to reduce casualties. 

Adrian Davis, Professor of Transport and Health at Edinburgh Napier University, said: 

“There is strong evidence that 20mph limits have had a positive impact on public health where they have been introduced. There is consistent and convincing published research that shows 20mph speed limits reduce collisions, injuries, and motor traffic speed, all important public health concerns in Scotland.” 

The full letter to the First Minister can be read here.