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Views needed from Edinburgh residents on Transient Visitor Levy

Published 09 April 2019 by Transform Scotland

The City of Edinburgh Council is looking to introduce a Transient Visitor Levy, also known as ‘Tourist Tax’, after months of discussion between the City’s stakeholders about demand for the levy and how it best be introduced. The Scottish Government will have a consultation on the Transient Visitor Levy this year and, if approved, will introduce legislation which will allow Local Authorities to adopt the policy.

Transform Scotland has supported CEC’s plans for a Transient Visitor Levy. We have now decided to write a report on the matter and, to support this, have created a survey to gather some primary research. Surveys have already been released from Local Authorities and businesses like The Federation of Small Businesses, to gather primary research about stakeholders opinions on the topic. However, Transform Scotland has created a survey aimed at Edinburgh residents. The survey is only for residents and explores some questions that are as yet unexplored.

We want to know what residents currently think about

  • the Tourism Industry in Edinburgh,
  • if they are put off visiting destinations which already implement a Transient Visitor Levy, and
  • how they think the revenue generated from the potential tax should be distributed.

The survey consists of nine questions and takes approximately three minutes to complete. If you are an Edinburgh resident and would like to have your opinion heard, please fill out the survey using the available link.