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Waverley not fit for purpose as 21st century transport hub for Scotland’s capital city

Published 26 April 2019 by Transform Scotland

Transform has today published its response to the Edinburgh Waverley Masterplan consultation.

Rail spokesperson Paul Tetlaw said:

“For all its listed status, the current station is not fit for purpose as a 21st century transport hub. Significant changes to the existing structures are necessary to create a fitting station and transport hub to serve Scotland’s capital city.

“Waverley Station and the surrounding public realm enjoys a large footprint in a unique location between Edinburgh’s Old and New Towns. We need a station that offers the very best in transport and passenger facilities and which showcases Scotland as a progressive country that practices what it preaches in terms of sustainable transport and climate change.

“The time for decision and action is now as twenty years have elapsed since the last major proposals for Waverley.”

Transform has highlighted the need for the redevelopment to enable much closer integration with the surrounding transport networks. Paul continued:

“The overall site boundary illustrated on the proposals does not include Princes Street and we believe this to be a mistake. The primary interchange with buses is via the Waverley Steps entrance to Princes Street and the waiting environment in this area is overcrowded and unpleasant. To create an effective transport hub and convenient interchange facilities, it is essential to include this area in the plans.”

Our full response here.