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Edinburgh residents’ views wanted on Tourist Tax plans

Published 10 May 2019 by Transform Scotland

We are today making our final call for responses to our online survey on Edinburgh’s proposed Transient Visitor Levy (‘Tourist Tax’). Transform wants to know how residents think the revenue generated from the tax should be distributed.

As part of a report we will be publishing later this year, we have created a survey aimed at Edinburgh residents. While earlier survey work conducted by The City of Edinburgh Council has sought views on the attractiveness of a TVL scheme, our survey looks at what the revenues from the scheme could be invested in.

Poppy Marples, Transport and Tourism Researcher at Transform Scotland, said:

“Tourist Taxes have been successfully implemented in 19 European countries including the Netherlands, Italy and Belgium. Introducing a tourist levy in Edinburgh will be the first of its kind in the UK but if other European Countries can successfully implement a ‘tourist tax’ — so can Edinburgh.

“Our survey will identify where Edinburgh residents would like the monies from the tourist tax invested, for example improving the street environment and public transport services.”

Transform Scotland has created a nine-question survey which takes approximately three minutes to complete and want to know what residents currently think about
the tourism in the city:

  • If they are put off visiting destinations which already implement a Transient Visitor Levy
  • How they think the revenue generated from the potential tax should be distributed.
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