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National Transport Strategy: 36 months in, and no new action to tackle Climate Emergency

Published 31 July 2019 by Transform Scotland

Transform Scotland today gave its initial response to the publication of the Scottish Government’s three-month consultation on its draft National Transport Strategy.

Transform Scotland director Colin Howden said:

“Today we face a Climate Emergency. Scotland’s children are striking for their future. The best scientific evidence is that we have 18 months to put in place radical action to turn round climate emissions. Yet 36 months have been spent on a draft transport strategy which has absolutely no new actions to cut climate emissions.

“Transport is the largest source of Scotland’s emissions, which continue to rise and nothing has been done to reduce them in 30 years. Road traffic is the main problem, yet Scotland’s Transport Strategy sets out no new concrete measures to manage demand beyond a proposal to ‘start a conversation’.

“A sustainable, inclusive, accessible transport system can only be delivered with a revolution in clean, accessible, affordable public transport – not a push on individuals, who may not yet have other reliable options.

“We would encourage everyone who shares a sustainable, inclusive vision for clean transport that requires actual action and investment from Government to engage in the First Minister’s #BigClimateConversation already underway, to say so.

“We do not have another 36 months to talk about this.”

Transform Scotland are represented on the NTS2 Partnership Group and on the NTS2 Greener and Healthier Working Group.