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Conservatives’ call to scrap Edinburgh tram scheme unashamed political exploitation of Corona crisis

Published 12 April 2020 by Transform Scotland

Transform trams spokesperson Nigel Bagshaw said:

“Councillor Nick Cook’s latest ill-informed call to scrap Edinburgh’s Tram is not unexpected, but is disappointing.

“Of course the Coronavirus pandemic will have far-reaching consequences, but the Tram project will not be impacted in any singular or unique manner.

“The business case for it is based on the generation of revenue to pay back the initial investment, which would not available if the money were spent elsewhere, and the idea that the public will permanently shun public transport after the crisis is both far-fetched and unrealistic.

“The reason for the Tram’s construction in the first place, in terms of its ability to move larger numbers of passengers over the same distance, and reduce congestion, pollution and climate-change emissions, are as valid today as they were before the pandemic.

“Councillor Cook would be better using his time to formulate a positive future transport policy for his own party rather than exploiting the Corona crisis for his own political ends.”