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Parliament report on Green Recovery highlights key actions to “transform transport networks”

Published 09 November 2020 by Transform Scotland

Transform Scotland has today welcomed the report of the Scottish Parliament’s Environment, Climate Change and Land Reform Committee’s ‘Green Recovery Inquiry Report’.

On transport, the report identifies “the need to transform transport networks was identified as critical to a green recovery” (p33), and goes on to make recommendations to:

Image courtesy of ADL.

  • Promote public transport: the committee “seeks reassurance that the Scottish Government will include active promotion of public transport as part of the green recovery”
  • Support bus manufacturing: “recognises the need to support public transport manufacturers in Scotland, such as those developing and building hybrid, electric and hydrogen buses”
  • Invest in sustainable transport rather than new roads: “recommends transport budgets and fiscal incentives are targeted at reducing demand for travel by car and encouraging the use of active and sustainable modes, e.g. prioritising investment in active and sustainable travel infrastructure rather than additional road capacity”
  • Invest in active travel: “Develop and implement comprehensive, uninterrupted networks of safe walking and cycling routes in cities, towns and villages”
  • Integrate transport with land-use planning: “Better integrate land-use and transport planning to reduce and ultimately eliminate high emission travel”.

Transform director Colin Howden said:

“The committee has done an excellent job of summarising the key actions that are required to ensure that transport can play a full part in ensuring a Green Recovery. We’re pleased to see many of the measures we recommended as part of our own evidence to the committee being represented as part of the committee’s report.

“The Scottish Government and most Local Authorities are currently performing worrying poorly on most of the committee’s recommendations, and the Parliament’s committees must have a continued role in ensuring that swift progress is now made on these matters. Transport is the largest source of climate emissions, and the sector where no progress has been made in 30 years in cutting emissions, so making further deep cuts in emissions is not possible without taking action to prioritise investment in sustainable transport.”