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November Newsletter — Members’ Profile: Hiyacar

Published 26 November 2020 by Transform Scotland

Hiyacar is the UK’s longest trading peer to peer car sharing platform with over 100,000 members. Their aim is to change local mobility by enabling people to share their cars with others in their local community. By getting drivers a car when and where they want one, hiyacar is making better use of some of the 38 million vehicles that sit idle for 95% of the time and turning them into assets whilst reducing ownership. With bespoke p2p car sharing insurance, multi layers of driver verification and their QuickStart keyless technology, hiyacar is the safest way to share cars.

Founded by Graeme Risby and Rob Larmour in 2014 and launched in 2016, hiyacar has since gone on to be the:

  • Longest trading UK car sharing platform having launched in February 2016
  • First UK car sharing platform with QuickStart keyless technology
  • Safest platform with multi layer verification including facial recognition and liveness detection
  • First p2p car sharing platform to trial with a UK council
  • First hybrid platform with p2p fleet and pooled cars,
  • COMO UK fully accredited car club using professional owned cars, for example Toyota Cars
  • Raised a total of £10.5m from investors including Itochu who own Kwik Fit and Angels including the founders of Photobox
  • Provide a bespoke, fit for purpose insurance policy
  • Best in class for member support

With a vision of a hiyacar on every street and with a focus on quality and safety, hiyacar is set to change the way that people use cars, forever. Car sharing from the community, for the community.

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