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Risks and impacts of air pollution highlighted in Parliament

Published 17 November 2015 by Jamie Wylie

Ahead of a debate on air quality brought forward by Labour in the Scottish Parliament, Transform Scotland has contributed to a parliamentary briefing on air pollution in Scotland.

The briefing, published by Friends of the Earth Scotland, Sustrans Scotland, British Heart Foundation Scotland and Transform Scotland, will inform MSPs on the risks and impacts of air pollution and offer advice and recommendations for improving air quality in Scotland’s cities.

Many areas of Scotland’s cities are currently in breach of Scottish and European air quality regulatory standards, presenting significant risks to public health. The Scottish Government has recently set out new air quality targets in the ‘Cleaner Air for Scotland’ Strategy, which aims to make Scotland to have the cleanest air in Europe by 2020. While this new target is welcomed, the Strategy fails to outline the specifics of how new air quality standards will be met.