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NTS Review must tackle transport failures head on

Published 02 May 2017 by Jamie Wylie

Transform Scotland has recently responded to the Scottish Government’s consultation survey on the National Transport Strategy (NTS) Review.

The response highlights the failings of the current Scottish transport system, and highlights areas which need urgent attention in the NTS Review to deliver affordable, fair, and sustainable transport for everyone in Scotland.

Some of the key challenges highlighted in the response include:

  • Dire conditions for pedestrians and cyclists almost everywhere; A lack of priority for pedestrians and cyclists; Unsafe conditions due to high road traffic levels and driver behaviour; Almost complete absence of high quality segregated cycle provision in urban areas
  • Rapidly declining bus patronage, caused by failure to provide congestion alleviation and other factors
  • Lack of competitiveness of inter-city rail network vis-a-vis road journey times on almost all corridors; Network beset by Victorian-era infrastructure
  • Rail freight providing small and declining share of overall freight traffic
  • Multi-billion pound road maintenance backlog which harms motorised vehicle users and cyclists
  • Complete breakdown between transport and land use planning systems, leading to unsustainable sprawl
  • A lack of demand management on road network, despite demand management by price being in operation on rail network

The NTS Review presents a fantastic opportunity to tackle these issues and more, whilst delivering benefits across Scotland including improved public health, cleaner air, reduced congestion and reduced carbon emissions.

To read our response in full, see here.