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Connectivity Commission highlights major challenges for Glasgow’s transport

Published 14 June 2018 by Transform Scotland

Transform Scotland has today welcomed the interim findings of the Glasgow Connectivity Commission.

Colin Howden, director of Transform Scotland, said:

“The commission has highlighted some of major challenges faced by Glasgow’s transport system, the most important of which must be the worryingly rapid decline in bus use. Despite the low car ownership in the city, decades of ill-judged transport policy have led to an excess of cheap car parking and an urban environment where a much higher proportion of the city’s land area is wasted on road space rather than more productive uses.

“In our own evidence to the Commission, we set out options for road traffic demand management that the city could pursue in order to reverse the decline in public transport use, prioritise walking and cycling, and lead to a safer and healthier city centre environment. We look forward to the Commission considering these matters further in its final report due in November this year.”

Transform Scotland’s presentation to the Commission is available to download.