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‘Transport is now Scotland’s biggest sectoral challenge’ says Committee on Climate Change annual report

Published 24 September 2018 by Transform Scotland

Today’s annual report to the Scottish Parliament made by the independent Committee on Climate Change has shown “Scotland’s progress in reducing emissions from the power sector masks a lack of action in other areas, particularly transport, agriculture, forestry and land use.” The Committee notes that emissions from the transport sector have increased in every year from 2010, with a further 2% increase in 2016 in Scotland.

Matt McDonald, spokesperson for Transform Scotland said:

“The Scottish Government’s Climate Change Plan failed to set out sufficient action in the areas of walking, cycling, and bus use. So it’s unsurprising that it continues to go backwards in carbon emission reduction. The Government needs to focus its capital expenditure plans on sustainable transport rather than the carbon intensive subsidies for road use and aviation that form its current spending priorities.”

Lord Deben, chair of the Committee refers to transport and other areas when concluding that “Without real action in these areas, Scotland may fall short of its long-term goals.”

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