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#lovemybus at Clean Air Day

Published 27 June 2019 by Transform Scotland

The #lovemybus team were delighted to attend the Glasgow City Council Clean Air Day event on Thursday 20 June. A brilliant day brought with it inspirational stories of changes we can all make for cleaner air. #lovemybus was there to share the message that choosing a bus instead of a car, is better for your health, the wider community and the planet.

One of the #lovemybus stagecoach low emission buses from Kilmarnock or Ayr to Glasgow can take as many as 75 cars off the road. This helps tackle congestion, reduce air pollution and reduce climate emissions.

The bus can also be great for your health. A study found overall, 21% of bus users achieved 30 minutes a day of physical activity in the course of their journeys.

Improving the health of the planet and yourself also has significant benefits for the community. Lack of physical activity in Scotland contributes to a large disease burden costing the NHS around £91 billion per year, reducing quality of life and with major costs on the economy. Regular walking, as part of the commute, can protect against a range of major diseases.

The #lovemybus team also collected pledges from people at Clean Air Day in Glasgow and were delighted to see all the enthusiasm for reducing air pollution and climate emissions!

The #lovemybus team would also like to thank the Smarter Choices, Smarter Places Fund from Paths for All, Stagecoach West Scotland, Sustrans Scotland and the other brilliant organisations at Clean Air Day in Glasgow.