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Decarbonising public transport should be priority for Government’s climate plans

Published 28 May 2019 by Transform Scotland

Transform Scotland will today present evidence to the Parliament’s environment committee on the Climate Bill and the Committee on Climate Change’s evidence to the Scottish Government.

Jess Pepper, presenting the Transform evidence, will say:

“Much greater priority needs to be given to decarbonising the public transport system and shifting short trips to walking and cycling. This would have the additional benefit of helping with modal shift to the sustainable modes, and would provide much greater benefits in terms of equalities and public health.

“Scotland manufactures buses and has two global bus companies. However, the CCC’s advice to the Scottish Government largely ignores the role that buses can play.

“Scotland’s climate plans also need to include action to comprehensively decarbonise the rail network. This needs to include not only inter-city routes but also rural rail routes. We are currently working with rail industry partners to develop funded proposals here, and will be reporting on this later in the year.

“Attention also needs to be given to ferries. We already have three hybrid ferries, and more needs to be done here.”

We have also published our written evidence paper to the committee, this is available for download.